Monday, December 5, 2011

Entre a la Maokai

Vayne stepped into the concealing shadows of the brush. She trusted her summoner's directions, indicating an enemy champion was coming down this lane. In the distance, she could see the enemy's tall sentry tower, it's crystals glowing dangerously. Behind her, a similar tower was erected but this one's power directed against her foes, not herself.

Suddenly a tree moved. Vayne's eyes widened. What manner of champion did she face who could move the very trees of the Fields of Justice? Then her eyes narrowed. It did not matter. She was a hunter of the night, rarely faced with a challenge she could not overcome in this arena. The tree moved again. Two purple, glowing, eyes appeared in the trunk. They shifted around, searching. She felt a surge of power come from her summoner. The mighty being who controlled the games and chosen her as it's champion.

Understanding flooded her and she felt impressed to attack. The tree wasn't something a champion controlled. It was a champion! Unable to give it further thought as her summoner urged her forward, she tumbled from the brush, aiming her wristbow and pelting the tree with silver tipped bolts. It roared and tossed a small sapling at her. She tumbled away, the creature landing with a squeak. It was disoriented for a moment then with a swift look around it began to chase her.

Alarmed, she moved away swiftly but it gave chase. The tree and the sapling lumbered after her as she retreated towards the friendly sentry tower. As she drew close, a powerful beam shot from the tower's crystals and vaporized the sapling. The tree stopped just outside the tower's range and tossed another sapling at her. It was vaporized as the first but not before searing Vayne's leg with a burning pain.

Feeling a surge of power from her summoner, Vayne felt emboldened. She ignored her wound and tumbled forward, drawing the large, dragon-headed crossbow from her back. She fired a powerful, large bolt into the tree. It howled in pain. She fired again, faster as she was fed more power. The second bolt crushed exactly where the first had struck. The creature turned to flee, knowing somehow that her third bolt was always the most deadly. She gave chase, the air seeming to propel her forward with speed. This was what she lived for. The chase!

Her third bolt hit the mark, splintering the great tree straight down the trunk. She fired again and again. The tree howled and raged, flailing his limbs and tossing branches and saplings. She dodge them all, swift and deadly in the final hour of the hunt. Soon, the tree was reduced to splinters in the field. The announcer's hard but feminine voice boomed across the field.

"Maokai has been slain."

Little did Vayne know but that her summoner was already thinking up ways to cook up a fitting tribute to her enemy of the field.

Entre a la Maokai

4 Servings | Total Time: 15 min | Journeyman

  • 1 cup Lentils, dry
  • 2 cups+ Vegetable Broth
  • 1 head Cabbage, shredded
  • 12oz Smoked Ham, sliced
  • Salt & Pepper to taste
Craft: Cook the lentils according to package instructions using broth instead of water. Drain and set aside. In a large pan over medium heat, brown the ham. Add cabbage and toss until cabbage just begins to wilt and become transparent. Add lentils. Season to taste. Serve hot.

Strategies: You can add or take away any veggies you'd like. If they're hard vegetables, nuke them in the microwave for a few minutes before adding them to the pan with the cabbage so they're sure to be cooked through. If you don't have any ham, any kind of meat will do.

LFM: Any sort of rolls are good but sourdough is especially delish! Also try serving this with a bit of pork gravy!

  • Lentils | $0.35
  • Vegetable Broth | $1.00
  • Cabbage | $1.35
  • Smoked Ham | $2.00
Total Cost: $3.70
Cost Per Serving: $0.93

Category: Raid Night

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