Recipes List by Category

Please note that recipes have several different categories attached so you may find repeat recipes in different categories.
  • Rez Plz - Food for the dead of morning
  • Troll Fuel - Lunches to nom between forum topics
  • Raid Night - Dinner in less than 20 minutes
  • Casual - Dinner when time is of the essence (20 min-1 hour)
  • Hardcore - Dinners when time matters not (1 hour or more)
  • Expansions - Side dishes to boost your mealtime xp
  • Snackage - A quick bite for the bio break
  • LFG - For the LAN PARTY
  • OOM - Drinks to refill your mana pool
  • Phat Loot - The guilty pleasures
  • Critical Hits - Author’s favorites
  • Cheat Codes - Fantastic meal ideas with little work required

Rez Plz

Troll Fuel

Raid Night







Phat Loot

Critical Hits

Cheat Codes