Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dalaran Doughnut

Homemade doughnuts? Well, close enough! I have tried and tried and tried to make doughnuts from scratch and have failed every time. Bleh, who wants to go through that? Well I certainly don't and I wont ask you to either. These doughnuts aren't made from scratch but they still fall under the homemade classification because you cook them on your own stove!

The only thing required is a frying pan, some tongs, oil, biscuits, and something to cut out the holes with.

My mom always used a film canister, but since no one uses film in cameras anymore I searched around my house to see what I had that would be about the same size and this is what I found.

Trust me, these doughnuts are worth the 10 minutes they take out of your day. And they bring big smiles to your face when you arrange them on the plate just so.

Mmmm, just looking at the picture makes me want to go eat another one...

Dalaran Doughnuts

4 Servings | Total Time: 10 Minutes | Skill: Apprentice


  • 1 package Buttermilk Biscuit (jumbo or regular)
  • Frosting or Glaze of your choice
  • Canola Oil
Craft: Fill the bottom of a deep frying pan or pot with 2 inches of Canola Oil. Turn heat up to medium-high. Remove biscuits from canister and use a 1 inch round object to press out the doughnut holes. When all the doughnuts are holed, test the temperature of the oil with one of the holes. It should take approximately 2 minutes per side and should be a golden brown color. Remove it from the oil and let it cool briefly. Cut the doughnut hole in half and verify that it is cooked all the way through. If your oil is too hot the outside of the doughnut will be dark and the inside will still be doughy. If your doughnuts take longer than 2 minutes per side to become a golden brown color, then your oil is too cold. When you have all of your doughnuts cooked, allow them to cool enough to be able to pick up with your hands and coat with the frosting or glaze of your choice.

Strategies: This is a website Rill found that has some good tips on Deep Frying. Thin frosting work best for glazes, thicker frosting should be warmed up so it is easier to spread on the doughnut. You can even do a classic powdered sugar if you don't have any frosting available!

  • Buttermilk Biscuits $1.50
  • Frosting $1.00
Total Cost: $2.50
Cost Per Serving: $0.63

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