Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mage Bread

Have you ever done a /who mage while in a major city, hoping some bored mage will be kind enough to conjure you up some bread to take questing? I haven't but that's because I am a mage. Have been and always will be until the day WoW shuts down it's servers. Being a mage gives you the best of everything. You can port to any major city from anywhere, you can provide yourself with sustenance. And those pesky pvper's get the sheep, or turtle, or penguin, or black cat, or rabbit, or pig, depending on which glyph or tome you have. Since mage's have a lot of experience in making bread, and it's cheap and fast to make, you can imagine that it is always the best. That is definitely my experience, and my dear friend over at EC Writes also agrees. 

Why I recall a day back when I was level 60, Leetah was inside the Molten Core as the 39 other raiders filed inside. I looked at the raid list to see who I would be competing for loot against, what other mages would be trying for my epics. I stood in utter shock at first, then excitement filled me as I realized I was the ONLY MAGE. If something dropped, it was guaranteed to be mine. Thrill filled me, for the first, and possibly last time, I wouldn't have to compete with another mage for loot.

Of course, all good things come to an end. I looked at my chat screen in dismay as the whispers came in. "4 stacks of bread and 4 water plz." "4 bread plz." "4 bread 2 water plz." They kept coming and coming. The only classes in the raid that didn't want food or water or both, were the 3 rogues. Needless to say there was a huge line, waiting for the infamous and usually speedy mage food. At that time, for those newbies out there, I was able to conjure 4 stacks of water (10 at a time) and 1 stack of bread before I was out of mana. Evocate helped speed things up, every 15 minutes. I managed to feed and water the entire raid, but we had to start nearly an hour late.

Instead of making all of your raids start late by asking the only mage to conjure individual stacks of food and water for everyone, Blizzard finally decided it would be a great idea to create the Mage Table, for which I will eternally be thankful for. And following their lead, here is how you can make your own Mage Bread.

Mage Bread
2 Loaves | Total Time: 1 Hour | Journeyman

  • 5 1/4 cup Flour
  • 1/4 cup Sugar 
  • 1/2 tbl Salt
  • 1 1/2 tbl Instant Yeast
  • 3 nickle-sized blobs of Soy Lecithin (in the baking aisle or at a specialty baking shop)
  • 2 1/2 cup Hot Water
  • 2 tbl Butter
  • Kitchen Weapon: Heavy Duty Mixer (e.g. Kitchen Aid or Bosch)

Craft: Pre-heat oven to 350°.Combine first 4 ingredients.  Add lecithin and water.  Mix in heaver duty mixer for 5 minutes.  Spray counter top with food release.  Dump dough onto counter.  It should be sticky.  Do not add anymore flour.  Divide and shape into 2 loaves.  Put in greased breads pans.  Place on top of the oven (so the heat of the oven will warm the loaves) and over with a towel. Let rise for 25 minutes.  Bake for 25 minutes. Remove loaves from pans immediately. Rub butter on the top of the bread and let cool (If you don't remove from pans, the pans will sweat and the bread will get soggy on the outside and then stick to the pan as it cools off and dries out).

Strategies: This recipe is great with any kind of flour. You can do all whole wheat flour, bread flour, turkey flour or all-purpose flour. You can even mix it up. I prefer to do half whole wheat and half turkey flour. Also, make sure you are using Instant Yeast otherwise it will not rise. Instant Yeast does not need to be prepared like regular yeast does.

  • Flour $2.00
  • Sugar $1.98
  • Yeast $5.47
  • Soy Lecithin $12.50
Total Initial Cost: $21.95
*This cost is based on buying all mats, which can be used for 10+ conjurations of this recipe. 

Catergories: Critical Hits, Rez Plz, Snackage, Troll Fuel, Hardcore

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  1. Mage bread LMAO!!! This just made me smile soooo big! I got the recipe *doing a dance, doing a dance* I'm so glad I wrote that post yesterday--that my friend, was a good choice.